UK VOD Release: Point of Death

“The Movie Partnership announces UK Digital Release Date for new Horror, POINT of DEATH”


UK VOD Release: Distorted

“The Movie Partnership announces UK Digital Release Date for new Psychological Cyber Thriller, Distorted”

Aquaman (2018)

Cup Rating: 35%
“Loud enough and colourful enough to distract audiences of all ages, Aquaman is ultimately a forgettable and unsatisfying experience. Despite embracing a more fun and vibrant personality than its DC Universe brethren, the solo adventures of Arthur Curry cannot fully escape the trappings of the Universe’s signature convoluted plots, over-reliance on spectacle and bloated runtime. Momoa tries his best with the limited material but Aquaman is just not as much fun to watch as it clearly was to make.”


“The Government’s Year of Engineering is assembling Marvel Super Heroes, including Iron Man and The Hulk, to launch an exciting new partnership with the iconic comic brand. Marvel is the latest big name to join the campaign, which aims to transform perceptions of engineering among children age 7-16 and encourage more young people from different backgrounds to consider careers in the profession.”

Review: Mortal Engines (2018)

Cup Rating: 75%
“In a year notable for its dumb CGI spectacles, Mortal Engines might not be the dumbest but it’s definitely the most spectacular. With visual creativity off the charts, Mortal Engines is just about bizarre enough and loud enough to keep audiences distracted for a solid two hours. Add in a reliably convincing villainous performance by Weaving and you’ve got a recipe for a solid steampunk fantasy adventure.”

Review: The Old Man & the Gun (2018)

Cup Rating: 55%
“The Old Man & the Gun plays out a lot like one of Tucker’s robberies: charming, easy going, respectful and showcasing the gun but never using it. In need of tightening up, this nostalgic trip is entertaining enough but not memorable. Outside of Redford’s performance, there’s little reason to ever return to this true story. Perhaps they should’ve used the gun at least once.”